Can you ravel out my weav’d-up follies?

Visscher Redrawn: 1616–2016, by Robin Reynolds, contains references to 41 works by William Shakespeare. Tickle a title with mouse or finger to reveal a quotation containing a clue (sometimes the bulk of the quoted text, sometimes an isolated phrase) to the drawn allusion.

By default, the program steps through the titles, inviting you to solve them in order; however, you can at any time change your 'target' by clicking on a different title. Then, move your pointer over the picture for an enlarged view in this window; when you have identified the reference (indicated by a green box), click to record your discovery (or tap inside the frame).

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3King John
4A Lover's Complaint
5Timon of Athens
6King Henry VI Part 3
7Titus Andronicus
8The Winter's Tale
9The Rape of Lucrece
10The Merchant of Venice
11King Henry VIII
12King Lear
13King Henry IV Part 2
14The Sonnets
15The Merry Wives of Windsor
16King Henry VI Part 1
17Julius Caesar
18The Taming of the Shrew
19Love's Labours Lost
22King Henry VI Part 2
23All's Well That Ends Well
24King Henry IV Part 1
25Romeo and Juliet
27Troilus and Cressida
28A Midsummer Night's Dream
29Antony and Cleopatra
30Richard II
32The Tempest
33Much Ado about Nothing
34Two Gentlemen of Verona
35Twelfth Night
36Venus and Adonis
37Richard III
38Measure for Measure
39As You Like It
40King Henry V
41The Comedy of Errors